The DaVinci TOKEN, a hedge against the constant

market volatility risks in the cryptocurrency ecosystem,

independent from the Global banking system.

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“Leonardo Da Vinci a genius of all time. Gold a timeless refuge of value”

Klondike Pionners


From Gold to Crypto Gold

The DaVinci 24K Pure Gold Coin has its digital representation as a DaVinci TOKEN, the innovative combination of physical gold, blockchain technology and nano laser engraving being, implemented by the founder Roger Kinsbourg through Gold Global Currency Corp SA. a Luxembourg Company established specifically for this first ICO. His family has multi-generation relationship history to gold as a safe and secure refuge of value in time of financial crisis, monetary uncertainty and market volatility. Julien Kinsbourg, Roger’s grandfather was an early investor in the Alaska Klondike Gold Fields as far back as 1900 . Well over a century later, Roger Kinsbourg became an early pioneer in the digital cryptocurrency world with the launching of the crypto gold token concept linking physical gold in form of a DaVinci 24K Pure Gold Coin to a digital instrument registered in the Bitcoin blockchain, the Da Vinci Token. Using the latest nano laser technology, it enables the secured blockchain registration of ownership,authenticity and traceability of all issued DaVinci TOKEN and its irreversibly allocated identified DaVinci Pure Gold Coin. The DaVinci TOKEN, based on the long term stability of gold, is a hedge to the constant market volatility risks of major cryptocurrencies and allow to secure some or all present value of cryptocurrency owned .

The DaVinci TOKEN will soon be offered to all major cryptocurrency holders through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) now in preparation
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It is still time to become a participant in the burgeoning cryptocurrency

ecosystem by investing in the crypto gold DaVinci TOKEN.

The DaVinci TOKEN is the digital ownership title of an allocated DaVinci one ounce 24 karat pure gold coin
The DaVinci TOKEN is the simple and better solution for the ownership of physical gold without the burden and risks for storage, giving ease of exchange, trading and conversion into physical gold at any time, compared to “paper gold” certificates where such features and counterparties are absent. Gold certificates are only speculative instruments on gold pricing, not allocated to directly identified ownership of physical gold, therefore without any intrinsic value other then the rating of the issuer of the certificates. Simply stated the DaVinci TOKEN value will never fall under its spot pricing of 24K pure one ounce gold.
From Da Vinci to Bitcoin
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Trustee & Secure Storage
All minted QR code nano laser engraved DaVinci Pure Gold Coins are registered in the Bitcoin blockchain; thereafter securely held in vaults for the Company by Brinks in Geneva or Luxembourg. When DaVinci Gold Coins are allocated to issued DaVinci TOKENS, ownership of the identified gold coin is transferred to the Holder and then removed from the Company gold inventory to be transferred to the Trustee, a major financial asset manager in charge of the documented safekeeping of all allocated gold coins with Brinks. At any time the Holder can request the redemption of the DaVinci TOKEN, according to strict identification procedure resulting in the issuance of the allocated DaVinci Pure Gold Coin. Such service is included in the cost of the DaVinci TOKEN for the two (2) years after its issuance. Thereafter, the safekeeping service by the Trustee will be charged to the Holder according to the financial industry standards. Even in the unlikely event of the dissolution or liquidation of the Company, the Trustee will retain the legal capacity to issue any allocated DaVinci Pure Gold Coins, being still being held for each DaVinci TOKEN holder.
The nano laser technology bridging the physical and digital markets with our unique nano laser engraving process
The unique nano laser engraving technology of an Aztec QR code on each minted DaVinci Pure Gold Coin enables its registration on the public Bitcoin Blockchain. Each DaVinci Pure Gold Coin has the worldwide recognized hallmark of the prominent Swiss precious metal refinery and minting, Cendres & Métaux (C&M) established in Biel. The combined registration on the Bitcoin blockchain of the DaVinci TOKEN to which an identified DaVinci Pure Gold Coin is irreversibly attached is guaranteeing authenticity, ownership, traceability and protection counterfeiting. This unique registration allows the documented safekeeping of the physical DaVinci Pure Gold Coins in secure vaults by a third party Trustee with the unrestricted trading of the DaVinci TOKEN and the permanent access of holders to their respective account
Our European retail point of sale location where DaVinci Pure Gold Coins can be purchased
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